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Please verify your e-mail address for password delivery. Once verified, your password will be mailed to the e-mail address you have entered here. What's your sign? Are you a passionate Scorpio, a practical Taurus or an incurably romantic Cancer? Which zodiac sign your birthday lands under may not rule your destiny, but it may offer a peek inside your floral astrology.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

So next time you're debating whether to send a bunch of bold red tulips, fun-loving sunflowers or fragrant lilies, look to the stars for a little inspiration. Find out what makes them tick - and what flower arrangement is likely to tickle their fancy - with our Astrology Flower Guide. Zodiac Sign: Born under the symbol of the sure-footed ram, the Aries, a fire sign, is confident and fierce. Dynamic and full of contagious energy, those born under this zodiac sign are usually the ones who take the lead — quick to volunteer for adventure and preferring the road less traveled to previously charted territory.

Birth Sign Flower: Match the Aries enthusiasm and zeal with flowers the color of passion romantic or otherwise — like an anything-but-demure red tulip flower bouquet.


Zodiac Sign: Even though they're best known for being as headstrong and fierce as a bull — their zodiac sign's symbol — there's an indisputable warmhearted, romantic and sensuous side to the Taurus personality as well. And, while this earth sign's also known for its well-grounded, practical sensibilities, they harbor an equally strong love for beautiful things, pleasure and comfort that enjoys being indulged.

Birth Sign Flower: Cater to the Taurus's appreciation for nature's exquisite beauty with flowers that appeal to their full range of senses — like a flower bouquet showcasing majestic lilies. Their rich symbolism will appeal to the Taurus's respect for history, and the lily's dramatic form and fragrant perfume will indulge their romantic, sensual side.

Zodiac Sign: Easily adaptable and versatile — with a lively sometimes bordering on the mischievous imagination — Geminis are one of the most creative of all the zodiac signs. Their expressive downright talkative , clever qualities make them fun-loving friends and treasured companions.

25 Best Arrow & Constellation Tattoo Ideas For Sagittarius Zodiac Signs

Birth Sign Flower: Surprise a Gemini with a flower bouquet filled with roses — a flower that symbolizes the essence of their zodiac sign: love and companionship. Some say that the Cancer's personality can be boiled down to one word: sensitivity — and along with this comes a patient, sociable and loving disposition. Birth Sign Flower: Let these generous spirits know how much you appreciate their compassion and thoughtfulness with a flower arrangement filled with delphinium — aptly named for their dolphin-shaped flowers an appropriate match for this water sign.

Zodiac Sign: The most dominant, spontaneously creative and extroverted of all the zodiac signs, Leos are also warmhearted, generous and loving. Strong, honorable, self-confident and dignified, those who share this birth sign think and act big — loving the limelight stealing it, if they have to.

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Zodiac Sign: With a penchant for detail, Virgos are often known for their meticulous and diligent personalities. The bow and arrow is the perfect size for a shoulder placement and it would look great if you want to show it off in something sleeveless. Here's another take on the bow and arrow with flowers, also including a feather and some ribbon. Sagittarius has a lot of options for bow and arrow tattoo, which I love.

Zodiac Symbols For Sagittarius

I love this tattoo because it's not too overwhelming, but the dots and the little hint of color work really well together. Talk about eye-catching! You'll notice that it's not just an arrow, either; there's also a bow attached to the arrow, which is an interesting take on the archer's duo. Like I said, arrow tattoos like this will look good no matter where it is on your body, but I do like how it just seems to fit right there on the ribs.

Plus, this is one of those tattoos that feels like your own little secret because only you know where it is. Here's another adorable constellation tattoo, only this one is super tiny.

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The behind-the-ear placement is something you can hide or show off, depending on your mood, too. If you like the idea of getting a constellation tattoo, but you want to do something a little bigger, why not add your constellation to an entire outdoor scene? Are the outdoors important to you? Well, here's a good tattoo to inspire you!

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

The combination of bow and arrow, the compass within the bow, and some watercolors makes it feel like this tattoo is pointing you toward your next adventure. You always hear how bow and arrows need to be pulled backward before it can go forward, but having an arrow tattoo on your foot is kind of like having a guide moving you forward one step at a time. This tattoo can be your motivation to keep on keepin' on, even when things get hard.

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This tattoo is simple, yet gets your point across clearly: You're a Sagittarius! Here's another example of the kind of style you can go for if you want a bow and arrow tattoo.

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