Karmic astrology retrogrades and reincarnation

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About this product Product Information One of the most radical and unorthodox interpretations of retrograde planets yet published. Disregarding the traditional good or bad explanation, the author gives instead a system which explains the three vibrational moods in which these planets may be expressed.

There is also an examination of the esoteric and karmic symbolism begun in his best selling Karmic Astrology Volume I: The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation. Additional Product Features Author s. Show more Show less. No ratings or reviews yet.


Best-selling in Fiction Books See all. Create This Book 2 by Moriah Elizabeth 3. Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton. Martin Multiple-item retail product, Save on Fiction Books Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. People born with Mercury retrograde, for instance, are familiar with the process of going over and over past situations in their heads, thinking of what they might have said or done. Retrogrades can be energy drains both for ourselves and for the people around us, as we struggle to do that.

On the other hand, we can use that process as an asset in many professions, particularly in any kind of writing. I am an example. Retrograde Neptune dominates my chart. I have success with that Neptune when I use it to connect with the cosmos, to try to figure out its past and future and to set the present within a cosmic context.

And it is work! Inside the person, that time seems, or feels, like the present. Past life scenarios: Moon; 4. Past life scenarios: Mercury; 5. Past life scenarios: Venus; 6. Past life scenarios: Mars; 7. Past life scenarios: Jupiter; 8. Past life scenarios: Uranus; 9. Past life scenarios: Neptune; Past life scenarios: Pluto; Past life scenarios: Saturn: 12 Letters: 1. To thine own self be true; 2. Interdependence; 5. Loving your inner child; 6.

Service, not servant; 7. Fair is fair; 8. Psychological power; 9. Reasonable responsibilities; Future shock; Universal understanding; Past life scenarios: Saturn in the 12 houses ; Emotional residues from past lives; Karmic debts; Karmic gifts; Appendix: Mercury postions, Venus positions, Mars positions all: , inclusive.

Comment : After 10 pages of introductory material, the author gives past life "readings" for each of the planets in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac Neptune is limited to Gemini through Aquarius, Pluto runs from Gemini through Sagittarius. Examples: Sun in Aries: Your parents were carried away by the plague when you were only 7.

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First published in , it is presently in its third printing, ACS, pages. Basic precepts of karmic astrology; 3. The Sun; 4. The Moon; 6.

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The inner planets; 7. Jupiter; 8. Saturn; 9. Uranus; Neptune; Pluto; Conclusion; Bibliography. Comment : The essence of this book can be found on pg. Therefore, we can almost always find some validity in the following precepts: 1. The twelfth house may symbolize the immediately preceding incarnation.

In general, however, it shows the unfinished business of the past. Regret that I thought this book limited in its scope. Whitford, pages. The birth chart: Your contract with the universe 2. The glyphs: your karmic keys 3. The sun house: Your karmic calling Sun in the 1st house Sun in the 2nd house Sun in the 3rd house Sun in the 4th house Sun in the 5th house Sun in the 6th house Sun in the 7th house Sun in the 8th house Sun in the 9th house Sun in the 10th house Sun in the 11th house Sun in the 12th house 5.

Saturn: Your karmic lesson Saturn in the 1st house Saturn in the 2nd house Saturn in the 3rd house Saturn in the 4th house Saturn in the 5th house Saturn in the 6th house Saturn in the 7th house Saturn in the 8th house Saturn in the 9th house Saturn in the 10th house Saturn in the 11th house Saturn in the 12th house 6.

Neptune: Your karmic debt Neptune in the 1st house Neptune in the 2nd house Neptune in the 3rd house Neptune in the 4th house Neptune in the 5th house Neptune in the 6th house Neptune in the 7th house Neptune in the 8th house Neptune in the 9th house Neptune in the 10th house Neptune in the 11th house Neptune in the 12th house 7. Pluto: Your karmic arsenal Pluto in the 1st house Pluto in the 2nd house Pluto in the 3rd house Pluto in the 4th house Pluto in the 5th house Pluto in the 6th house Pluto in the 7th house Pluto in the 8th house Pluto in the 9th house Pluto in the 10th house Pluto in the 11th house Pluto in the 12th house 8.

The author has written to correct my earlier misunderstanding. She, like me, does not think we go sequentially from one sun sign to the next, in either order. It seems things are a bit more complex than that. Her chapter on Saturn is a notch above the one on the sun. The chapter on Neptune, a planet which normally eludes authors, is a notch above that, which is to say, getting good. The chapter on Pluto, a planet which authors normally misunderstand completely, is quite good.

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The 12th house chapter is the best I've ever seen. I've been in the astro book biz, one way or another, more than 20 years. I've seen lots of books. Shock doesn't happen often anymore. Dedicated to the highest degree of excellence in this past incarnation, your inability to achieve some type of physical perfection forced you to bury your keen intellect here in the house of "whose inadequacy is it, anyway. Clearly this is your baggage, but when your critical thinking has been so severely suppressed, the mental baggage is bound to be abundant. Surprisingly observant, your organization and research skills are profound and instinctive.

Deep devotion to the painstaking details that are so frequently neglected by others is your hidden strength. The past has left you with an overwhelming sense of duty to repair the inevitable flaws of reality. Unfortunately, this unconscious fixation with perfection can actually cause you to avoid the ideal efficiency you seek by drawing you to flawed data, disorganized people, and impossible situations. Cosmic advice: Stop worrying. Llewellyn, pages. Karmic encounters 3.

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The pairs of signs 4. A wheel for two 6. Two by two 8. The karmic houses 9. There's a dragon in the house Relationships with the dragon Spiritual attraction Appendix A. The dragon's location Appendix B. The major aspects Bibliography Comment : The Introduction, and the introductory chapters, promise a book that lays out the past life karma of relationships, but when the author gets down to writing delineations, boy - girl, girl - boy, the best she can muster is straight-forward synastry. When this conjunction is disharmonious, suspicion, competition, and power struggles whose roots lie in past incarnations may mark the relationship; it is therefore their task to cancel such debts in this life.

If we jump to the obvious conclusion, that all significnat relationships - with few if any exceptions - are based on past life ties, then we conclude that all books on synastry are really books on karmic relationships anyway. I would have put this book in the Relationship section, but with a title like Karmic Astrology , it obviously wanted to be here.

As a book on relationships, how is it? Only fair. The addition of the word, karma too often becomes a weapon in the hands of the unhappy. Knowledge of past lives is more often a noose than a life saver. In a book such factors become distractions. The analysis in the back, between the present day Ada, her previous incarnation as Helen, and her present-life husband, Aharon why is this the same name as the author's? It's a pity the book was not based on deductions from such studies.

Did the author write down to her presumed audience, rather than what she actually knew? Books don't come around all that often.

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Authors should strive to get the most from such opportunities, not the least. Comparing chart Where were we? Who were we?

How does the past affect the future? She was a dazzling Gemini. I had fun keeping up with her, and I imagine she met few who could. She was most noted for her research on the four major asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta , which are included in this book.

How Do Planets Represent Your Karma in Astrology - Excerpt from the Astrology Apprenticeship Program

This book is from and predates both Maritha Pottenger's, and Ruth Aharoni's both above. Like Maritha's, it gives specific details to past lives, based on no solid evidence whatever, and, like Ruth's, is essentially a synastry book his planets vs: her planets dressed up as a reincarnation guide. The AFA says it's been selling quite well. Which is to say that simple solutions, stated clearly, have appeal. The Donath Method of past-life synastry is limited to his planets conjuncting her planets, 5 degree orb maximum.