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I have seen people with rahu in 1st house in both lagan and navamsa chart. I have noticed them. Love this country. Painful to see people only interested in satiating there material desires. Loosing touch with real heritage. Words like culture, religion, are so much manipulated by and for politics. Durgati is the curse, Durga is the path to the cure.

I was just discussing the same thing with someone and felt that our political leaders are placing more importance on kootneeti than rajyaneeti, the focus is more on subduing enemies and less on administration. I think somewhere in some lecture you said that gayatri should be played in government offices to curb corruption,today i understand your logic behind saying so.

I shall be looking forward to your article. Respected Sanjay Ji and other respected members, as you have drawn the problems in the chart, please suggest — if anything can be done to overcome these. AK will not make any effort to correct these but in benefit of the country if anything we can do to save our own future — it will be great : if we can get your thoughts on this? Will write about Future of India soon. But I have mentioned in various forums that the period from is a Period of Corrections. We have to correct all the wrongs we have done between , at the time of Independence. It is a time of introspection.

So just blaming Governments is not solution.

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Today we blame Congress and tomorrow we will blame BJP. But the false promises are what we Indians are falling for because of our own greed. That is the real Rahu — all those false promises. We had chosen to take the suffering necessary to correct the system. Why did you let us down? Once Transit Venus becomes direct, AK lost his raj yoga. In d9 Venus was conj Sun too then. His donations levels are reducing heavily from 40 lakhs per day to 3 lakhs per day. Once Transit Mars is retro in virgo and saturn in tula — AK is expected to lose his steam and his political adventure will be exposed and be reduced to spent force.

With Transit retrogression of saturn — he is unlikely to be a major force for next months. So even with favourable media for delhi assembly elections and loksabha — AAP will not be able to fare well.

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Very unfortunately, the gandanta will also have its effects. His contribution to the national thinking on correction of system will be substantial it is called viloma Chandra gati and he will focus hard on the social life, a clean life. But he will always have problems from those who are closest to his heart. Like the recent Law Minister of Delhi Problem …. Sir, Whats going on in delhi? Just added article Kejriwal Kollapse. I think the article though technical quite impressive has failed to analyze native. Because author instead of looking at the chart of an invisible man is looking at the chart of man from whom he is already quite impressed so involuntarily is interpreting or seeing what he wants to see.

We value the degrees and other accolades so much it just diminishes the capacity to see which otherwise are quite obvious. Whereas why we value it IIs so much, is just because in warrants a comparatively good living in otherwise resource deprived nation. No matter what tools we use we always spill our own color on the landscape of analysis.


This quality to fall back is completely missing in genuine sacrificing mindset. As native now is in a jungle with Indara and the greed and fear unrelentingly dancing right in front of him; his twin self will eventually come out which might amaze him more than it will amaze others.

I think your prediction about end of his career is correct though I think age of 50 is little too late.

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I am a Jyotish enthusiast no way can match your knowledge. Well, planets in upachaya and lords do give every human being the options where the human being decides. Jupiter and Venus are also lords of Upachayas. In the decision to have the power as Delhi CM, his choice of Congress was expected and I did win a private challenge on this. But it was a wrong decision. He should have backed out — time will prove these words to be correct.

Kaushal, you see when I use the word Career, I use it not just for politics but also for social activism. He will continue, like so many do, but till 50 years. Politically, after the rains, the Sharad ritu will spell the impending trouble and from it will be quite tough.

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We Indians want stability and respect change, but with Dharma — that is something he must accept. He cannot continue to ignore Dharma Sun.

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Of course, once shani moves into vrischaka — he will be spent force in Indian Politics perhaps some revival when rahu transits in leo. He is trying very hard to get out of power for any lame reason, but unfortunately — is not. I will not be surprised if few more rebels in AAP with venus becoming direct in next few days. Pranam sanjay rath ji, Beautiful analysis, very informative postmortem study of a horoscope. If some astrologer with navamsha chart showing him to be an astrologer publishes his own chart claiming it to be your chart, will it be correct.. Another factor of physique is Sun and he is certainly not a Leo Sun type person with strong build.

His birth time is not given but planetary placement on this date much better describe him than the chart given on your site. There are two separate problems involved. Gandanta problem requires very serious Gandanta remedy else it will cause a destruction which has no end. Sankranti dosha problem is also serious but it is basically financial and also to some extent health related.

This requires the Weekday Lord Mercury to be taken into consideration. One position but two problems. Moon within 6 degrees of highest exaltation which is significant 2. Sankranti dosha is worse as it is Magha Gandaanta as well — Magha rules blessings of elders Pitris — expect Anna to distance even more from Kejariwal, even attack him during Sun Antardasha 3.

Rahu in 12th house in Pisces — foreign and unknown sources of income. Dispositor Jupiter is close to graha yuddha scholars will say just outside of 1 degree of Venus with Lagnesha so foreign income will cast some pressure on personal status and clean image — part of Kaala Amrita Yoga as well 4. As per Phaladeepika — 10th lord in dusthana and aspected by graha dristi by malefic is Duryoga — native will satisfy own hunger and live in far off places — expect Kejariwal to be away from public spotlight. Shani Mahadasha looking difficult. Guruji have you noticed vaisheshikamsa count of Sun in Shodash Varga.

The count is 14 alternate hora or 15 traditional 2 signs hora. Seen this from varga chakra book penned by you. This is exceptional being quadrant lord.. It made him yogi in jail. Elections loksabha as well as re-election in Delhi will be held now around May and saturn will be retrograde. So could this be difficult time in terms of success for him, like he is seeing it now? Also its AD lord Venus will be retro and for few months, could this also hurt his campaign and roadmap.

Boredom with the work in hand becomes their main enemy. They dislike even a little encroachment on their ego and freedom. Any relationship that impinges on their ego will not last long. The second house because it pertains to the ruling power, the fourth because it rules over masses and the tenth because it the house of king and governance.

Let us examine all these house sequentially. Lagna Lagna is fairly powerful with a Bhavbal of units. This points towards some lingering health issue. The second house The second house has a Bhavbal of units and is adequately strong. Mercury is slightly beneficial but unable to give full results because of its weakness.

Political Downfall Awaits Arvind Kejriwal In The Near Future, Predicts Ganesha

The other house that Mercury rules is fifth and pertains to children, speculation and ability to give sound advice. Arvind will sustain losses in stock market, will have less than complete happiness from children and will drop the ball when when it comes to advising others. The mind is sharp and brilliant but Rahu in eleventh and Ketu in the fifth are completely unhelpful. It is nowhere as good as it appears to be. The Karak for second house is Jupiter. He rules over eighth and eleventh houses and his placement in the fourth house is a cause of worry. Jupiter barely makes the grade and does not support the quest for high office.

As the eighth lord placed in the fourth house he causes domestic bickering, and financial problems. There are problems connected to real estate and vehicles. The live stock and pets suffer and die. The fourth house The fourth house represents the masses and their support. A strong fourth lord helps with the support of the common man. Fourth house is very strong and ensures the support of general public.

Fourth house lord Sun is also powerful and beneficial. It was the tenuous nature of the three planets involved that gave him a fractured mandate. The period immediately following it was Jupiter-Venus-Mercury. He fought against Modi in April and was trounced soundly by a margin of 3. This too was in the closing phase of Jupiter-Venus-Mercury period.

The period running at that time was Jupiter-Sun-Ketu. As mentioned above, Sun and fourth house are both strong and beneficial. This gave him a total victory. Congress and the BJP were routed in the polls. The tenth house The tenth house is the bug bear of this chart as it is very weak with just units.