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Thank you April and Merry Christmas. This is so gorgeous, honest, and heartfelt, I love it. Happy you got your wish, Jeannel. Interesting …I was that Mom for many ,many years, including remembering little things people would say about the gifts they needed or wanted and going to great lengths to get them for each person…. And this year…well, I feel overwhelmingly that I can no longer do it.

Lovely, transparent and well crafted, you have given all of us an immeasureable gift. Merry Christmas wise soul.

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Thank you, April. I love this post as I am a Cancer with Cancer rising and my husband and I never felt the need to go overboard on Christmas either. We just did our own thing. We had some traditions we would do like the cooking and some decorations here and there, but at other times we would just take off and do whatever we felt like.

And I laugh when you talk about being alone and having a bleak Christmas, as now I am alone, and people just worry about me. But, in fact I am just fine with a nice quiet day. But the thought was fun. Loved this post, it hits home to me. Beautifully written as are all your posts. This one hit home so strongly I could have written it myself. Interesting the ways in which we grow. I love your writing. Have a wonderful holiday and never stop growing. Peace and blessings. Oh so me, in so many ways, my Mom has been gone for 9 years now, and I miss her love of all of the hoop la, all of the festivities and the music, I miss her, her joy, her cookie baking, and I miss my kids being little kids, I miss my son who unexpectedly passed away in August, and I miss family all around….

This is so beautiful, Kent.

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I have a loudly purring Bengal under my arm as I type this and deep gratitude that I have so many dear friends, like you. I try to embrace this as the season to enjoy the comforts that I have now.

December 2018 Full Moon in Cancer

That said, the full moon is within a degree of my 9th house cusp, perfectly trine my ASC. Your writing talent is a gift to all who read your work. Far better than anything that could be wrapped up and tied with that traditional bright red bow! I personally feel that awareness you so generously shared. I have felt the same way about Christmas since I was a young adult — as you point out, too old to benefit from all the receiving.

And my mother has never understood why I dislike all of the hubbub. I bought a tree, I brought it to them, climbed into the garage rafters to find decorations and put together the Christmas the can no longer put together for themselves. Not only were they thrilled, but it made me wonder why I have never given myself this beautiful gift. Thank you for another lovely essay. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings to you and your loved ones. April, I join in the chorus of thanks and of appreciation of your wisdom, your generosity in sharing, the cinematic quality of your writing and the fact that your work touches every single one of us reading you.

I wish you a great new year with all my heart, April, hopefully much better as soon as saturn moves away from your moon. I'm your host, astrologer and author April Elliott Kent. I write books and essays, teach astrology, and talk to people about their lives. Donations gratefully accepted. At this holiday season, may you have all of this and more, and everything your heart desires.

Details here. No tags. Ekaterina December 22, Elizabeth Carver December 23, Lisa Moeller December 23, Eileen December 23, Susan Parcheta December 23, Reshma December 23, Adrianne December 23, Michele December 23, Jeannel December 23, Julie Pittman December 24, Anita December 24, Vivian the Virgo December 24, Susan December 24, LB December 24, Jessica Lynn December 24, Maria December 24, Penny December 24, Susan Caldwell December 24, Suzanne December 25, Warm and cozy is now a reachable goal, reflected by the Full Moon over the weekend.

Mercury squares Neptune as Christmas confusion offers a bigger vision.

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Holiday lights herald a different meaning during the Winter Solstice. Shortest day with longest night, you feel the pressure lift off your shoulders. The Full Moon reveals financial resources that have been tucked away. Mercury squares Neptune just as Christmas arrives. This generally creates confusion, but it can open the unseen realms to mystical visions, too.

The Sun enters your relationship sector for the Winter Solstice. An inner light brings balance to the longest night of the year. It can be cozy and warm!

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The Full Moon in Cancer reflects all that is right in your world. Mercury squares Neptune to add a dimension of wonder to Christmas. Some call it confusion. But as it clears, there is a meaning you can keep in your heart-safe. The magic of the season has taken effect.

The Winter Solstice speaks of many things, especially how to enjoy the longest night of the year. The Full Moon in your house of dreams is bright with family and friends. Mercury squares Neptune to make Christmas one of anticipation. Holding your breath, confusion brings your mind a peek into the deeper meanings you seek. You could view the Winter Solstice as the longest night of the year.

With your detailed nature, you may see it as an invitation for longer days in the northern hemisphere. The Full Moon over the weekend is especially powerful to help deepen commitments.

Full Moon Christmas Day!

Mercury squares Neptune as Christmas arrives. Enjoy the confusion. It creates the flexibility for a magical event. This is a power-packed week. Already feeling it?

Full Moon Cancer Forecasts, Part 1: Full Moon with Rahu

The Winter Solstice holds meaning, but right now you may be busy making things beautiful and bright. The Full Moon over the weekend is nostalgic. Feeling reflective? Anything could happen! There are an infinite number of ways to be surprised. The Winter Solstice adds a blanket of calm. You are wrapped up and soothed, buffered from those who like to inflame. The Full Moon gifts you the depth of understanding, especially at a distance.

Mercury squares Neptune with Christmas arriving. Let the communication fog lift, first. Jupiter and Mercury combine in Sagittarius for the Winter Solstice. Treat yourself kindly. Proper food and rest help handle this powerful conjunction. What you think, hear, and respond to require great focus.