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As the sun is coming to the end of its spell in your opposite sign you should let others lead the way while you take a back seat. Your ego is not so big that you cannot be a passenger for a while. You'll be driving again soon enough. What happens as the new week begins may seem like a random event but the planets suggest it is part of the theme that has been playing itself out in your life for several months. Follow the clues and find out what's really going on. If there is something of a creative nature you want to try your hand at then get on with it now while the sun in Scorpio makes it easy for you.

The important thing is that you make a start — after that your momentum will keep you going. According to the planets you will have to deal with someone today who always seems to have a negative effect on your emotions. Whatever they say or do you must stay calm. If your self-control goes then you'll make them look good at your expense.

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You have plenty of plans and you honestly believe they will work out in your favour, but don't start counting your chickens before they are hatched. You should know by now that few things in life go by the numbers, not even for those who can count. Don't try to cram everything you want to do into just a few hours. For both health and financial reasons try to hold back a bit over the next few days.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

If you don't you may find that something unexpected, and painful, slows you right down! You are very much at the centre of things at the moment but that will only last a few more days. Make sure everyone knows who you are and what you can do because before long you may be just another face in the crowd. The sun in Scorpio at this time of year makes you sensitive to criticism and with Jupiter getting in on the act as well it may seem as if the world is against you.

Deep down you know that isn't true, so cheer up.

A brief summary of how the upcoming October 31 to November 20 Mercury retrograde cycle will affect each sign…. Here's your weekly Cosmic Column which takes a big picture look at the overall astrology for the week ahead for all the signs. Think of it as an overview of the biggest theme or themes of the week.

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We will dive into how it all affects you in your daily horoscopes in My books Moonology, Astrology Made Easy and Angel Astrology have all been published with Hay House, become at least Top 10 amazon astrology best-sellers, and been translated into many languages. I am dedicated to teaching my readers, my fellow travellers on the spiritual path and my students, how to use astrology as a sort of very sacred mala, to connect with the Divine. Yasmin Boland is a powerful and profound guide in all matters of our deep inner world. She is a masterful astrologer whose grasp of the celestial influences on the human soul is unsurpassed.

Both her written and her personal guidance are invaluable gifts to oneself. Yasmin is incredible and I am a huge fan of everything she does. Yasmin Boland has a gift for making all things moon and astrology make sense!

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She also happens to be a genuinely, grounded, kind and lovely person. Yasmin is here to translate the messages of the stars and the moon and deliver them in a way that we can use in our life right now. I have her on speed dial. I love Yasmin Boland. She has a special way of making astrology simple.


View on Instagram Follow on Twitter. LEO July 24 - Aug. You are a hugely talented human being and supremely confident as well, and that combination can take you all the way to the top in As changes planet Uranus moves back into the career area of your chart in March you will feel compelled not just to create but to leave a legacy of some kind. Your true gift, of course, is your warm-hearted and generous nature, and the circle of people who think highly of you will widen considerably this year.

October 12222 Astrological Forecast

Mars in your sign from mid-August to early October will encourage you to focus on your own needs, which in turn could lead to a parting of the ways. However, if you do move on it will be to something bigger and better — and someone more understanding of your desires.

All change is good change, so embrace whatever and whoever the universe sends your way. The period from mid-September to mid-November, when first Venus, then Mars, boogie their way through your birth sign will bring all sorts of wonderful liaisons some personal, some professional and, yes, some very romantic. Travel is also well starred and while you may not venture far from your home base you will discover new places of interest in and around your own neighbourhood.

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  6. Common events will have unusual consequences. Education is the key to success in and whatever your age, sex or circumstances you will discover that each day has something new to teach you — about yourself, about other people and about reality in general.