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It is believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect. My second, OMG, turquoise, is regarded as a love charm. Turquoise rings, in particular, are thought to keep away evil spirits.

Lucky Gemstones For Virgo

All she cares about is herself since I've helped her thru 3 surgery's, waiting on her hand and foot after her knee, foot and shoulder surgery. I needed back and neck surgery since , Liver disorder, fatty liver, and pancreatitis and all she cares about is herself. But in fact, it's all crap just like Horoscopes. What they say and what happens is so far apart, that the only thing I can believe in is "ME".

And none of this crap is even close. Jokes are on us for hoping it's real, when it's not. Sometimes we pick the wrong people to share our life with. It sounds like you were very loving and caring to her and she took you for granted.

Birthstones by Month: Colors & Meanings | What's Your Birthstone? | The Old Farmer's Almanac

I have been happily married to my husband for 50 years. I was 19 and he was 21 when we married. I guess we sort of grew up together. Just pray about your situation. Hopefully, God will give you an answer.

Horoscope Stone In Urdu

I hope so. Be strong. Hi, I'm Raghuveer born on December 5th and i have a doubt ,like which stone should i turquoise,blue zircon. Hi Not sure if this is the right place but I don't use the laptop very much. All this info I have been reading on Birthstones ect. Hope to hear from you soon. Carol Simpson. Thanks for your kind words about this page. It is easy enough to locate birth "gems" online, even though it seems that there are various gems for some months and only one for others.

However, now all of a sudden I am finding it quite difficult to locate the birth "stones".

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Can you please help me in this? The traditional birthstones for each month are listed above on this very page. If I was born in december and I am the love stone is there a way I can put the stone in water to make a love possion or something. That's weird. I am in April and my friend Kristin is in September. I wanted to be sapphire! Me and my sister are Leo. Lion We are natural leaders, and are sometimes bossy, but in the sense of accomplishment, and leadership.

Aquarius natives are humanitarians dedicating their lives to a social cause. They are progressive people and seekers of truth. Unpredictability is one of the strong characteristics of the Aquarius born.

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Read on to know the lucky gemstones for the Aquarius born. Wearing this stone can influence their relationships, characteristics and business in a profound way. The Amethyst stone has a distinctive colour and a crystalline structure that make it attractive and this stone works well for the positive as well as negative qualities of the individual.

The hues of crystalline violet of the Amethyst stone guide and uplift the natives of Aquarius to discover new truths about themselves and the world around. Aquarius born persons are communicative individuals. This stone helps them promote their communication skills further besides encouraging a teamwork. These gemstones are available in wide varieties on many online stores at very reasonable prices. The online stores sell best quality gemstones which can help you in changing your life for the better.

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  • You can browse the collection and buy a gemstone for yourself, directly from your home! GemPundit has a team of learned astrologer who will guide you in choosing the most suitable astrological gemstones on the basis of your birth-details.

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    Lucky Stone for Aries Publised on Dec 21, Auspicious Gemstone for Aries It is the zodiac sign for people who are born between 21st March and 20th April of every year. Moon sign: There are a number of gemstones which are very beneficial for Aries. Summary: The following blog informs you about the auspicious gemstone that should be used by people who have Aries as their zodiac signs along with the benefit of wearing this gemstone. Aries and Gemstones. Personalised Gemstone Consultation GemPundit has a team of learned astrologer who will guide you in choosing the most suitable astrological gemstones on the basis of your birth-details.

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    Call Us Request a Call Back. Write a comment 4 Comment s Publised on Dec 21, Leave A Comment. Dear Roshni, Thanks for sharing your query with us. At GemPundit, we have an in-house team of qualified astrologers with years of professional expertise. They use the principles of sacred Vedic astrology to recommend a gemstone that can have a positive influence in your life. They can also help you to get some insights about your professional, financial and personal life. So, if you are interested in our Gem Consultation Service Paid , kindly share your birth details Date of birth, time, place, day etc.

    Our concerned team will get in touch with you soon. For any other assistance, please feel free to reach us on support gempundit. Warmest Regards Team GemPundit. Team GemPundit posted on May 23, Can Arise wear diamond or pukhraj? Roshni Gureja posted on May 22, Our highly experienced astrologer has analysed your Kundli based on the birth-details shared by you.

    According to your birth chart, your Moon sign is Aries and you are an ascendant of Scorpio.