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As we get older, we become more practical and take things more serious. I am born in November 22 and when I read both about scorpio and Sagittarius I feel like both of them say things about me, but due to the idea of the time I am born I found out that I am a saggitarius and I do agree with it because I see that it does describe my personality more.

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I am also November 22 I find im often misread, highly intuitive, I can understand most people before they give too much information away, im humble with life. I am also 22nd November A good ride so far. I love my birthday and I feel blessed somehow to be born on the 22 of the 11 month. I watch for the greater guidance that I can see unfolding all around me..

My life is not always easy, but trying to stay optimistic, make as all the difference. Thank you for the great chart very accurate! I definitely have been trying to find myself… Google has no answer. Were 29! I definitely agree on the intuitive part. Follow your gut. Your instincts are usually right. I use to think I was unlucky for the longest time. I must be sincere here, am happy to be a sagitterian , most of the qualities mention here are true of my person. I was born on this day in the year of …. I also had lucid dreams …thos.

Gifts have no longer been extended to me…overall an optimistic loving and caring individual who hopes that good will prevail…. Hi everyone!!! My name is Gina and I was born on November 22, Time of birth: So ,that makes me a scorpio or a sagittario? Thank you! Yeah even m born on 22nd November , n until I ws a 16 life was awesome bt since then its all coming crashing down. I was born on Saturday 22nov No father in the picture and my name comes from the saints calendar on my birthday Santa Cesilia. But when I turned 18 things have been better way better. Sure itwas tough but I learned a lot mostly to feel sompassion not for me but for what others go through worse tha me.

I posted here three years ago, im an 83er The last few years have been interesting I find I am in a constant debate to find truth in this world. My book collection has multiplied considerably over the last year or so. As always though.. Although I consider myself to be Scorpio, almost everything siad here is true abt me. Buh I went ahead to study Language in d University and I performed woefully. Buh what else can I do than to just hope and work towards achieving the best again.

I tape into my intuition every now and then..

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Freaked me out.. Ive always was told i was a sag but always felt a pull toward scorp.

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Then i finally realized i was on a cusp! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Your Personality Profile: You are headstrong yet warm and playful. Jamie Lee Curtis, born November 22, Actress. Charles de Gaulle, born November 22, General, politician. Doris Duke, born November 22, Heiress. George Eliot, born November 22, Female writer, used a male pen name. Billie Jean King, born November 22, Tennis pro.

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Your Sun Sign Sagittarius has a lively personality and is an optimist. Fixed Star s Near Your Sun: Sun Conjunct Toliman This fixed star has a Venus-Jupiter influence, and suggests you have a great love of freedom, you make friends easily, you possess strength of character, you have refined tastes, and you are tenacious and determined. At the very end of a sign just before changing signs , individuals may make life-changing, impulsive decisions.

Each birthday of the year is associated with a main playing card, the Birth Card , and each tells its own story. May 21, Born December January 16, Born October Wendy Posted February 12, am 0 Likes. I am on this day as well, we are lucky maybe a little weird, intuitive misunderstood. Zaya Posted February 1, pm 0 Likes.

Gail Posted March 4, am 0 Likes. Posted August 4, am 0 Likes. Eric Posted April 25, am 0 Likes. Kalpana Posted May 10, am 1 Likes. Natalia Posted May 31, pm 0 Likes. Bandyt Posted September 24, pm 0 Likes. Gofran Posted October 5, pm 0 Likes. I am born in November 22 and when I read both about scorpio and Sagittarius I feel like both of them say things about me, but due to the idea of the time I am born I found out that I am a saggitarius and I do agree with it because I see that it does describe my personality more and finally I do think that it is a great thing to be born in a cusp, because you can have the benefits of two horoscopes.

Chris Posted October 18, am 3 Likes. Chris Posted November 11, pm 0 Likes. Maggie Posted November 23, pm 0 Likes. I feel like its finally our time! Everything is going to change for us…. I am happy on this day birth. I was born on Nov 22, I am Divine. Tamar valentina ijov Posted May 7, am 0 Likes. Lynnea Posted May 3, am 0 Likes. Nivetha Devaraj Posted June 10, pm 0 Likes. I m happy being born on this day. Gina Posted June 15, pm 2 Likes. Kanza Posted September 22, pm 0 Likes.

I born in , 22nd Nov. But I really myself a complete Scorpio. The time was, pm.. I was born on 22 Nov But still m searching a job…. Angel Posted January 13, am 0 Likes. I was born on 22nd November i want to know whether i fall under Scorpion or Sagittarius. Aishat Posted February 25, pm 0 Likes. Santa Cesilia Posted July 26, am 0 Likes. Zilla Mosia Posted November 17, pm 1 Likes. Jolaade Posted November 17, pm 1 Likes. Julez Posted January 29, am 0 Likes. Stephen Posted September 30, am 0 Likes. Leave a reply Cancel reply Comment. I agree that my submitted data is being collected and stored.

For further details on handling user data, see our Privacy Policy. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Accept To find out how to delete cookies: Read More. Necessary Always Enabled. Life may throw you a few problems but you are a survivor. You are a loyal partner and friend but a bitter enemy and if someone betrays you, you will never forget. However, forgiveness along with focussing your powerful mind on the things that really matter is where your power can really be accessed. You are able to set yourself goals and plan how to achieve them like no other number so please use these abilities and focus your energy.

Number 9 is considered by many a sacred number as if you multiply it by any number it reduces back upon itself. Because of this 9 has properties unlike any other number. It is unique as is anyone born under a 9 Life Path. If you take an unbiased look at yourself you will notice that you too have qualities that belong to no-one else. These are your gifts and you are here to use them. Entertainment SP www.

Terms and conditions. God bless 9path make use of it. I have been in journey trying to understand who I am. Thank you. I have a life path 22 expression 11 and maturity 33 and birthday 9 and this 9 is me down to the T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So serious this was real!!!

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Its a coincidence that im ruled by the ninth house, i was born on the 27th and if i add my year, date of birth and the month of my birthday, its a nine. Im a nine in every angles. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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