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Morgan and Charles Schwab consulted astrologers, notably Evangeline Adams, throughout the early 20th century. Working through a translator named Anup, I gave him my place of birth Princeton, N. Then he mapped the planetary configurations on paper, forming a grid-like schema that represented various areas of my destiny: health, wealth, love, and longevity.

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Being a renowned astrologer is a bit like being a chess grandmaster: Lesser practitioners know how the pieces move, but virtuosos see the interconnectedness of each piece in solving the larger puzzle. He sees the whole board, as it were. Especially in a secular bull market that some argue is overbought, investors are eager to integrate any data that may help them protect their money by foretelling a correction, even if the information has celestial origins. Then he said it would decline, somewhere between 77 percent and 93 percent.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Grace K. Morris, a professional astrologer and president of Astro Economics Inc. Currently, Morris believes the market will continue to roar until a major crash occurs between August and March ; best of luck with that one. In one prominent prediction flop, London-based financial astrologer Christeen Skinner surmised that Hillary Clinton would definitely win the U. I exhaled, and Vashistha started to deliver my financial destiny.

As he sat in a chair across from me, the experience felt a bit like visiting with my shrink: yet, instead of unpacking my past with care, he gently entered into dialogue about my future. He consulted with his tablet and the chart he drew, but mostly he looked directly at me to make his statements. In his first proclamation, he determined that my wife and I will have a lasting marriage and will have twins a boy and a girl in the next three years. Better start contributing to some plans, I thought to myself.

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The number correlates to good fortune, said Vashistha; by contrast, Prime Minister Deuba has only four stars, but Donald Trump has six, a bounty Mohandas Gandhi also had. Not every prediction was positive. I also have to be a little extra-careful to avoid some kind of danger, perhaps an accident or a health complication, when I am 51 years old. Heavenly bodies in astrology are assigned an affinity for certain days, and according to my birth chart, I have a strong Moon arrangement which rules Monday and a powerful Jupiter connection which controls Thursday, the day on which I was born.

Vashistha offered one caveat to his predictions. Was this a cop-out in case he was wrong? But Vashistha had more important things to do than debate that point with me. He had already put off Finance Minister Karki long enough. Read more on Recession. Manisha Koirala. Deutsche Bank. Mohandas Gandhi. Sher Bahadur Deuba. She is just unbelievable and has profound knowledge of astrology. I completely recommend her for anyone. Great analysis of the situation doesn't waste much time.

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