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From October 5th, you build castles in the air by exploiting your organizing skills, you decide to bet on balance rather than on instability. Your emotional feelings becomes one of your priorities.

Taurus Monthly Astrology Horoscope October 2019

If a situation seems doubtful, you do everything to make it clear. If you are accused of an excess of involvement, you defend yourself thanks to your convictions.

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From the second week of October, you return to the pleasures and joys of family. Towards the 21st of October, we can say that the atmosphere is one of a party, you prefer the trips and the evenings with friends. If your outings linger until late in the evening, it is surely not you who will complain about it.

Taurus's monthly horoscope for October

Expect to spend a rather festive month! Love in General: Venus gives you permission to regain confidence in yourself if certain doubts had invaded. The month of October brings good energy, you evolve in an emotional climate, gentle and serene. You should reconnect with real feelings because you decide to stop hiding behind excuses. You could get way too much advice or feedback, leaving you frozen in your tracks.

You may need to gather more data before moving ahead with a big project. Halloween arrives with treats a lively moon-Jupiter mashup in Sagittarius and your erotic and mysterious eighth house—hello, sexy costume party! The planet of communication, travel and technology will reverse-commute through Scorpio and your partnership zone, a tricky time for signing contracts or formalizing any alliances.

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Protect your most important data to the cloud and an external hard drive, and consider scanning any important legal docs if you only have a hard copy of them. You never know when that backup will come in handy.

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With Mercury askew here, some Bulls might have second thoughts about a budding connection or find yourself at odds with a romantic partner. Proceed with caution rather than rushing in for a reprise. Want some more? A whole year of forecasts, mapped out for you. The month starts off with both love planets, Venus and Mars, nestled in Libra—and lighting up your sixth house of beauty and healthy living AND loving.

Your ruler, affectionate Venus, is there until October 8, and then passionate Mars picks up where she left off, from October 4 to November Couples may be inspired to get in shape together, and as UN-sexy as it sounds, could bond while handling nitty-gritty details, like balancing the Q3 budget or embarking on a household project together. With Mars in this position, watch for a tendency to be overly critical of others or yourself.

Starting on October 8, Venus will traipse through Scorpio and your relationship house, bringing her harmonizing and balancing vibes to bear on all kinds of partnerships. With your mate, you may find yourself longer on patience and much more appreciative of their wonderful qualities.

October 12222 Monthly Horoscope

Focus on THAT and not the dozen minor annoyances. Be clear about what you want because you CAN manifest it now!

Things could shift without much warning under this unpredictable showdown. But before you lose all sense of control, look at your role in a key relationship: Are you shape-shifting to fit into what they want? All your biggest love days, revealed. Get down to business! The Sun is in Libra and your sixth house of administrative details until October Studies show that environment directly impacts productivity. Venus is all about love and relationships, and while Scorpio cranks up the heat in your sex life, the sign's intensity can lead to possessiveness.

Avoid obsessive thoughts by caring for your relationship using all your Venusian Taurus qualities.

Decan 1 Taurus Horoscope October 12222

Set up a fruit and cheese plate, grab the wine, and invite your lover over for Netflix and chill. Just make sure to think before you speak. If you've been waiting to ask someone out or get something off your chest utilize the brave energy of the Aries full moon on Sunday, October This isn't a Sunday for worrying about the work week, but if professional matters are on your mind, curate a plan of action.

Aries isn't afraid to ask for what it wants, and you shouldn't be, either. Spooky Scorpio season officially begins on Wednesday, October During the next few weeks, expect to dig deeper than usual, especially in romantic affairs. You'll learn secrets about your love interests and find yourself sharing some as well.

What do you really want from the person you're involved with? What needs are they fulfilling that make them uniquely suited for you? A new moon in Scorpio on Sunday, October 27 , brings an opportunity for your relationship to shift.