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The heavenly alignment of Mercury in the zodiac comes one day after the planet made a conjunction aspect with Jupiter — the planet which rules Sagittarius. And the celestial dance will get even more interesting in a few days time when Jupiter itself enters Sagittarius. Will it affect horoscopes? Marina suggests you spend the next few weeks by approaching your daily tasks and problems with a more analytical mindset.

This could be particularly helpful if you want to learn something new, or go somewhere new and focus on your personal goals.

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Sincerity and justice are the characteristics are attributes are connected to all Scorpios; and for them to successfully work, they need to take time to form a framework of cooperation, but when that happens, they will remain dedicated and loyal. And those who belong to this sign and are born on October 30 are Scorpios, and they have all of these characteristics.

These people must learn to observe human nature, and above all their own; there is an impression that these Scorpios know their character less than anybody in the world. As we have mentioned, these people born on October 30 are those who can have at the same major success and significant failures and pain, but nothing can break them, they will try again and again, and will receive second chances.

October 2, 1999 Birthday Facts

They can face challenges and use new opportunities when they appear; they can still be so much related to the situation in which they miss great opportunities to improve their work and career. Also, these people tend to split into details or everyday obligations and trivialities by letting the whole, and they can be unorganised people, they can fall into the addiction and chaos of all kinds. For this example, it is always good to look at the life of the Diego Maradona, who struggled with many addictions, while beings the best footballer at that time.

During late puberty, in the late twenties and early forties, it is predicted that these people have a significant growth that is very important to maintain and use properly. When looking form the outside, those who are born on October 30 are considered to be nice people, who seem mild and cordial in relationships with others, but this only appears from the outside, but deep inside these Scorpios have a fiery temperament. In periods of growth, these people struggle, but the rewards are great; and those born on October 30 usually face enormous challenges, but the outcome can be surprising.

These people can be blessed, if the fate gives them amazing lovers that will be their strength and support in all hard times. They choose not to venture into such issues, and if they withdraw, they will continue to live frustrated, and their wishes and needs will remain unhappy. This can be disastrous for the rest of their lives since they will lose inspiration for other things in life. Because you know, love indeed can move these Scorpios, deep inside these people are fragile, and they like to be love.

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They should let love enter their life, even if it ends with break up. The problem may occur if these people born on October 30 decide not to venture, not to try to involve in a love relationship, of they are scared of this emotional rollercoaster, they will never grow.

October 30 Zodiac Sign

These people can be tricked in their work; they can become victims of outers who will use their naivety. These people love exact science, so can spend hours working in a lab, researching, and the idea that they can discover something new in for humanity makes them happy, even if they cannot do it, or never will. Without a doubt, these people born on October 30 will have some business success, and will always be able to present new ideas and schemes, which will sometimes bear fruit, and sometimes not — and their entire life, like work can go through many phases, they can have great success and miserable failures.

They are skilled in mechanics and are probably interested in all kinds of inventions. If they have a chance in life and in most of the cases, they have it people born on October 30 will become executive managers or supervisors who can manage others, but this is just an option.

Daily horoscope for Tuesday October 30 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

These people most often have many talents and are able to transfer from one area of interest to another quickly. Thanks to their expertise, they attract others to the projects they work on.

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They have intellect and passion, but luckily, they do not have a fake nature. The most important thing is to learn how to cultivate it. All Scorpios who belong to the October 30 are ruled by number 3 and planet Jupiter, besides the Pluto that is a primary ruler for all Scorpios.

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The powerful influence of Pluto highlights their need to achieve, and it can also be seen in the love for independence -it can sometimes create problems for these people because they are strongly related to the group.