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The Least Compatible Zodiac Signs: Warning These Signs Don't Get Along

Your Astromatcha Score. John D. November 15, Hi John, thanks for your question, the link was temporarily down but it is now working again. Mujtaba Soomro April 18, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Perhaps their Taurus moon might feel a sense of resonance with another Taurus, especially if the degrees are close. But, imagine the Taurus who arrives. Let's imagine one area of inquiry into their compatibility now.

The 3 Zodiac Signs That Are Least Compatible With Their Own Sign

With Venus the energy one anticipates and desires in intimate connections in independent, adventure-seeking Sagittarius and Mars the energy one exerts toward their intended in smooth-talking indirect Libra, Scorpio might have a lot of trouble with their newfound Taurus.

That's because this Taurus has her Venus in Cancer, a transit that expects steadfastness and devotion, and her Mars is in Taurus, a direct and often inflexible energy. It's not impossible for these two to get along—in fact they would make for very good friends—but a romantic relationship would most certainly be "a work heroic in its ordinariness. After the Sun and moon transits, Mars and Venus positions are considered some of the clearest indicators of compatibility, especially for beginners looking to understand their chart and the charts of their beloveds.

15 Zodiac Signs That Don’t Get Along And Why

But, the more you learn about planets, asteroids, and their influences, the more you look and the more you'll see. Even outer, slower-moving planets can make a big difference—especially when it comes to people born some distance of years apart. It's not always very pleasant, for instance, to have one person's Saturn the planet of hard-earned lessons in aspect to another person's moon the private self, the intimate self.

And, you might laugh after a few heartbreaking years of dating Leo dominants people with lots of Leo in their chart to find the asteroid Chiron the wounded healer positioned squarely in Leo in your chart. However, no singular transit, or planetary position, is the nail in the coffin of a possible love connection. Can fruits and veggies ever really be bad for you?

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Worst Matches

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