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If you very influenced by the moon this axis can play a big role in your life. So, let's start!

The Imum Coeli and your genetic psychology. - Heartastrology

How do you find out in which sign is your IC? Taurus influences affairs in the fourth house producing a strong underlying urge toward security for your family. The home must be attractive, and, if possible, paid for and well insured. You strive to put down roots and become as stable as society will allow. Preferably, you will live in the country or at least in an area large enough to allow you to garden and have a sense of nature in your environment.

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You have strong instincts to provide materially for your family. Unless Venus is badly aspected, the influence of Taurus on the cusp of the fourth house suggests a very pleasant, easygoing home environment, and harmony, serenity, and graciousness in your latter years. The influence of Gemini suggests that ties to home are not particularly strong. You are apt to move about a good deal, or at least you would like to. You like to have people around you, but not the same people for too long. There is a reluctance to form lasting ties and a solid foundation.

With the strong influence of Gemini in the latter part of your life, many vague ideas that formally floated through your mind may become clarified. You may find that your inclination to write or otherwise express concrete intellectual ideas increases as you grow older.

Mental stimulation is likely to continue throughout your life. The Cancer influence in the fourth house shows an unexpected sentimental side of your nature regarding home and family affairs. Roots hold an emotional importance to you as you are strongly affected by inherited patterns and responsibilities in life.

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You have a great sense of feeling, sensitivity, and vulnerability to issues relating to the home and family. There is a deep attachment to family traditions and home relationships. You may be especially protective of your parents and assume a role of responsibility for them.

That you may have departed your early shelter at a young age has nothing to do with this idea. As you mature, there is an increasing urge for a settled center. In the home environment your assertive nature becomes easygoing and can be moody. The Leo influence in the fourth house places a significant emphasis on the home. Pride and ego characterize your attitude toward your home and family. You want home to a castle where for entertaining in grand fashion.

You have home ownership and you want it to be a show place. Owning a piece of land would give you a sense of self-worth. The Virgo influence in the fourth house makes you fussy and particular around the home. Everything has its place there.

Bottom of the Sky: The Meaning of Your Chart's Imum Coeli

The Midheaven or MC and the Immum Coeli or IC are interpreted in much the same way as the Ascendant and Descendant are interpreted, in that they are all angles of the chart. The Immum Coeli is the point where a planet has reached the lowest point in its daily cycle; it is the point where that planet stops setting and begins to rise again. The Ascendant, for the record, is the point when a rising planet is first visible on the horizon, while the Descendant is the point when the planet sets, and drops below the horizon.

In most house systems, the MC is also the cusp of the 10th house, while the IC is the cusp of the 4th house. The Midheaven is, then the most visible point in the chart. It is in every sense, the point of culmination. The IC, on the other hand, is the most hidden, least visible point in the chart; it is also the foundation of the chart. Traditionally, the IC and the 4th house relate to the Father, while the MC and the 10th house relate to the mother. We often overlook the fact that because the angles are axes, that considering one without the other is only getting half of the picture.

With an IC in Cancer, you might reminisce on past lives through dreams. A Leo IC gives you great creativity, but also a dangerous sense of pride. You need to watch out for arrogant thoughts. You tend to think big and your heart's bigger than ever, but you're making the mistake of expecting others to give exactly the same as you, and that's a rare occurrence. In the past, you experienced tough discipline at home, and that's a serious influence now. There are shame-related issues that still haven't been fully resolved. If you have a Virgo IC, your goal is to reach depersonalisation and to avoid making appearances and other people's opinions the focal point of your life.

You were the classic social kids.

Astrological house systems

Your parents might have been diplomats, or working in the world of teaching. You tend to think of others' needs too much, but it might be a strategy to avoid thinking about yourself more. If your IC is in Libra, you'll have extra motivation to fight for inner balance. Intensity is your keyword.

With this IC you can't play games, because you're always about to explode. Because Scorpio is a watery sign, this location makes room for great psychologists who make mental research their profession. No matter how dissatisfying life is as an experience, you can always rise like a phoenix on this node. Regeneration cycles are constant. When you were little, you were always moving around; now, as an adult, that constant on-the-go feel is more mental.

4TH HOUSE IN ASTROLOGY - Imum Coeli - Your Inner Self - Hannah's Elsewhere

You like to explore every single idea you deem interesting, but watch out and don't be too arrogant, because you risk becoming a know-it-all. Controlling the fire of passion to focus it on more abstract, long-term goals is perfect with a Sagittarius IC. Perhaps discipline during your childhood was too tough, and now you want to see the world under the same scope. If you don't overcome this classic Capricorn rigidity, the world will be too tight a place. You need to let positive emotions have room of their own in your life.

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There's also a tendency for your bad mood coming out too often, so keep that at bay as well. Your inner child is alive and kicking, and with this IC creativity is the wind beneath our goals' wings. You can express yourself freely because, with an Aquarius IC, your family has very likely promoted originality.

The problem here is that sometimes we need to focus more and deliver the right answer. You need to refocus all your available talent. During your childhood, you might have lived in a seemingly mystical but overly emotional environment. In your adult life, with a Pisces IC you try to make up for emotional excess by watching relationships closely. It's important not to repress the mysterious side of life, and work isn't incompatible with healthy relationships.

With a node like this, you'll tend to reject sentimentalism, and there's no such thing as a good extreme.