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Planets however govern a lot more than just occurrence of day and night or eclipses and tides. Planets have a direct impact on us, despite being several light years away. While the position of planets does not dictate our everyday actions, it does have a profound and close influence on our life and destiny. Human body is in fact made of elements present in the Universe.

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The structure of our brain is very much similar to the structure of universe. Everything that happens to the Universe happens to us. Each object in the Universe, be it humans, Earth, planets and stars in our galaxy move in a precise symphony so we have to connect ourselves to these energy sources to receive the vibrations and function better. Each planet emanates certain energy while moving through the zodiac circle.

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From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. Jump to: navigation , search. Use of transit chart : The system uses the transit chart which shows the transits of various planets at the moment of the solar return.


Aspects : In the tajika system, the aspects are different from the Parasari system. Yogas : the yogas in the tajika system are different from the yogas in the natal horoscopy. There are only sixteen yogas in tajika. Their names are derived from the Persian or Arabic. Gender of planets : The attribution of gender to planets in tajika is at variance from that in Parasai system. Lord of the year : One of the planets is considered to be the ruler of a particular year and this planet is assumed to significantly influence the events of the year.


Sahams : A unique feature of the Tajika system is the determination of certain sensitive points or Sahams. Each such sensitive pointor Saham is meant to shed light on one particular aspect of life during the year in question.

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  • For example, there will be one Saham for marriage as there will be one for child birth. The tri-pataki map : This consists of a special charting of various planets as located in the birth chart in relation to the ascendant in the annual chart. The muntha : This a sensitive, generally auspicious point, in the annual chart.

    Tajika system #தாஜிக முறை ஜோதிடம் #ஜோதிடர் ஜி. குமார் ஐயர் விளக்கம்

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