Pisces october 2019 horoscope tarot by anisha

This means that we should take a close look at our approach towards life, our ideas about life, and indeed our entire philosophy of life and see whether they are still sound, says Sitara. Best of all, Jupiter will now spend a full year focusing particularly on positive opportunities and will even tackle those situations cheerfully that drive others to despair, says Sitara.

In addition to Mars moving forward again, the wonderful Jupiter-Pluto sextile that has accompanied us throughout the year and ensured that we have not lost courage even in the most difficult situations, unfolds its effectiveness especially in the spiritual realm, states Sitara. But no matter where they manifest themselves, they belong to the quality of time, i.

Uranus in Taurus will make life quite uncomfortable and will cause or reinforce in many people a feeling of being uprooted; actual relaxation can only be achieved if we look beyond the habitual and seek our backing in truth, states Sitara. Sitara states that it is a good idea to develop flexibility and improvisation skills, because these will be of great benefit to us over the next eight years. Sitara says, this April is just like its reputation, namely patchy.

Sitara says that in February, the first half of the month is more likely to benefit fire and air signs, while the second half will benefit earth and water signs.

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Already in the first half of the month, wonderful opportunities open up for us through this: Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter join in a harmonious constellation with Pluto. This imparts a special intensity to everything we do, and also a special radiance, says Sitara. Internally and externally, we can now cross borders that have made life difficult for us for many years.

It is in fact a reconnection with the larger whole. And on December 20th, a major astrological event will take place… says Sitara. First and foremost, it is about an inner reconciliation and the ability to rise like a phoenix from the ashes over complicated matters, says Sitara. The highlight of the month is the last of the three Jupiter-Uranus oppositions, explains Sitara.

Follow your convictions, your insights, and your values. The signs of the times are ready for a new start!


July offers great diversity, but the overall mood is more emotional and therefore more conflict-prone. You cannot rely on what is being said and anything can happen at any time, says Sitara. The second of three harmonious meetings between Uranus and Saturn takes place in the second half of May. Hence, within this year, young and old, new and traditional, future and past will come to a harmonious whole, says Sitara.


Intriguingly, Sitara states that in this and the next month is a turning point for a development that began at the end of and will come to an end this November. February is dominated by an inspiring fire-and-air mix stimulating each other, while Mercury yields a lot of new ideas that the Aries planets can pick up and put into practice, says Sitara.

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November ambles along fairly quietly yet the strong Lilith influence also gives rise to power issues during the first half of November, while in the last week, the first Jupiter-Pluto Square forms, says Sitara. Sitara predicts that nobody will be bored this month! Presently we have two options, says Sitara: To anxiously watch the general loss of control or to confidently surrender to the course of events. This month, fine tuning is the word — and an accurate screening of proceedings, structures, situations and constellations in all walks of life, says Sitara.

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This month, disputes and conflicts are quickly taking on disturbing proportions — Pluto is active, as is Uranus — which possibly brings the tensions of the past years again to a boiling point, says Sitara. For starters, just about all planetary forces are in perfect harmony with each other but later the comfort zone loosens up; there is more stress but also more excitement, says Sitara.

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