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The tarot card associated with this decan is the three of swords. It is one the most upsetting card in the deck, but it has to fit somewhere so it is really not surprising that it should fall in the decan that houses the crafty crow. Again I must stress that your chart is more than just one decan. The karmic lesson here may include sorrow, heartbreak and like decan 1 , love triangles. This decan is also ruled by Saturn in both systems so has quite a heavy karmic burden. So the lesson here is that any gold digging or gigolo behaviour here will come with a massive price tag.

It is your choice whether you turn away from the trinkets or not. A great sorrow, usually rooted in the karmic past, is often indicated …. Painful memories can be heavily repressed. It is a time to talk about them…. This lifetime you must open up and let it out before it poisons you from within. Allow yourself to forgive and be forgiven. Porrima is named after an ancient goddess of prophecy. She was the assistant of Carmentis the Roman goddess of childbirth.

Stars in the girdle of Virgo are said to exert a Mercurial and to a lesser extent Venusian influence. Gienah is the first star of the Corvus constellation that dominates this Libra decan 2. In 15th century star-charts, Gienah is marked as being on the right wing and not the left. These special Behenian stars have magical properties and were used in medieval magic.

The star Algorab has the worst reputation of the two, but is Algorab actually Algorab? Somewhere down the line their names have been switched. One unnamed star in the Dragon, adding more magic and ferocity to Libra decan 2. Both Minkar and Alchita are in Corvus.

The myth goes that sun god Apollo sent Corvus the raven with a cup Constellation Crater to fetch some water for his feast. On his way he was distracted by some fine figs on a tree and lost track of time gorging upon them. When the crow suddenly remembered his errand he picked up a passing snake Constellation Hydra and used it as his excuse for why he had not filled up the cup as asked.

The raven reported back to Apollo the unwelcome news that she was having an affair with someone else. Apollo in anger cursed the raven, and its color changed from its former silver hue to the present black.

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The show ran for 12 episodes over the two series. Brand's appearance led to controversy for numerous reasons. He also said, "If there was a female Christ, it's Britney". President George W. Bush "a retarded cowboy fella", who, in England, "wouldn't be trusted with scissors". While still a teenager, Brand appeared in episodes of The Bill and the children's adventure series Mud.

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Brand appeared in a small role in the movie Penelope ; although his first major film role was as Flash Harry in the film St Trinian's. Brand achieved American fame when he starred in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall , in which he played rock star Aldous Snow, the boyfriend of the title character played by Kristen Bell. Brand received rave reviews for his performance as Snow, and he revealed the character was changed from an author to a rock star because of his audition. Nefario in the Universal movie Despicable Me , [59] and reprised the role in the sequel.

Brand starred as Lonny in a film adaptation of the s-set musical Rock Of Ages , released in cinemas in June Other projects Brand has been tied to include a remake of Drop Dead Fred , [65] an Adam Sandler-produced film about a con-man posing as a priest tentatively entitled Bad Father , co-written by Brand and Matt Morgan; [66] and a film adaptation of the children's television programme Rentaghost a project that was picked up by Fox Studios in with Ben Stiller attached.

As of October , Brand's own production company is called Vanity Projects. Called 'Branded Films', the company operates from the Warner Bros. The company's primary focus is to develop films that Brand stars in. Brand hosted Brand X , a late-night talk show on FX , which received lukewarm reviews and middling ratings. It was canceled after two seasons. Brand was fired from the job after reading pornographic material live on-air. The show regularly drew about , listeners. Sunday tabloid The Mail on Sunday broke the story and regarded the phone calls as obscene.

Both presenters were later suspended by the BBC because of the incident, [73] and Brand resigned from his show. Brand returned to radio when he and Noel Gallagher hosted a one-off football talk show on 19 April for Talksport. The show featured clips and back-stage recordings from his Booky Wook 2 promotional tour. In Brand launched a new podcast called Under the Skin with Russell Brand which has him interviewing guests from the world of academia, popular culture and the arts.

Brand's first autobiography, My Booky Wook , was released on 15 November and received favorable reviews.

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Andrew Anthony from The Observer commented that "Russell Brand's gleeful tale of drugs and debauchery in My Booky Wook puts most other celebrity memoirs to shame". A collection of the columns from and was released in a book entitled Irons in the Fire. Following the London riots , Brand wrote a column in which he criticized the government's response to the riots in Summer as a failure to address the root causes.

It is the first installment of an intended series, featuring illustrations by Chris Riddell. Were it not for his celebrity, this book in manuscript would surely have been returned to its author by any publisher along perhaps with some kindly advice for seeking out an anger-management course. His book Revolution , in which Brand develops his earlier ideas, was published by Random House in October and received much publicity. Nick Cohen of The Observer called Brand's writing "atrocious: long-winded, confused and smug; filled with references to books Brand has half read and thinkers he has half understood.

The contrast with the tame wooden prose of elected politicians is marked. It deals with the people who have had a positive impact on his life and encourages us to look to others to become better individuals. In January , Brand participated in a celebrity letter to The Independent —as a supporter of the Hoping Foundation—to condemn Israel's assault on Gaza , and the "cruel and massive loss of life of the citizens of Gaza". Brand was selected by the Dalai Lama to host the Buddhist leader's youth event in Manchester.

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The Dalai Lama's representatives explained that Brand was selected because he had proved "the power of spirituality to effect change in his own life", while Brand stated to the BBC after the event: "I said yes because he's the living incarnation of Buddha and I thought, if you're around the Dalai Lama, that can only be good for your spiritual quest through life. He's an amazing diplomat, an incredible activist, a wonderful human being and an inspiration to us all. In April , Brand testified in front of a parliamentary committee about drug addiction, sharing his experiences and view that drugs should be decriminalised.

He said, "I'm not a legal expert.

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I'm saying that, to a drug addict, the legal aspect is irrelevant. If you need to get drugs, you will. The criminal and legal status, I think, sends the wrong message. Being arrested isn't a lesson, it's just an administrative blip. Brand said he felt compelled to make the film after the death of close friend Amy Winehouse , and he also used the opportunity to question how British society "deals with addicts and addiction.

In June , Brand appeared in a video in support of Chelsea Manning. Since , Brand has appeared more frequently as a campaigner for serious issues rather than an entertainer. Jeremy Paxman interviewed Brand on Newsnight in , in which he disparaged the British political system as ineffectual and encouraged the British electorate not to vote.

A socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth, [with] heavy taxation of corporations I think the very concept of profit should be hugely reduced I say profit is a filthy word, because wherever there is a profit there is also a deficit.

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British commentator Joan Smith dismissed Brand as the "canny self-publicist" who indulges in "waffle about 'revolution'" as "one celebrity, I'm afraid, who's more idiot than savant. But Brand's rhetorical flourishes made up for the lack of detail". The only power politicians have is the collective confidence we have in them. The most radical thing is to recapture the idea you can change the world. The interview ran for more than an hour and was published on the Union's YouTube channel. Brand launched his YouTube series The Trews: True News with Russell Brand on 27 February , in which he "analyses the news, truthfully, spontaneously and with great risk to his personal freedom.

By the end of the year, more than episodes had been released on the channel. Brand addressed the crowd, saying, "The people of this building [the House of Commons] generally speaking do not represent us, they represent their friends in big business. It's time for us to take back our power. Power isn't there, it is here, within us. The revolution that's required isn't a revolution of radical ideas, but the implementation of ideas we already have.

In September , Brand lent his support to the Fire Brigades Union , giving a speech at the union's rally against cuts in London and asking the public to support the firefighters. Shortly afterward, Brand appeared on Newsnight again, but was interviewed by Evan Davis on this occasion.

The film, titled Russell Brand: End the Drugs War , shows him exploring the illicit drug policies of other countries in search of a compassionate approach to people who use illicit drugs. Brand said in the documentary, "People think compassion is 'wet liberalism'; it's not, it's pragmatic". On 2 December , Brand joined East London residents to protest over the increase in rents at the New Era housing estate.

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The line of questioning irritated Brand, who ended up calling the reporter a "snide"—the short clip went viral on YouTube. Brand called Farage "a pound shop Enoch Powell " on-air, [] and the two men continued to trade insults after the programme had ended. I agree with most of what he has to say, and I'm glad he was on Question Time —in the heart of the establishment—saying it. But in terms of his performance or identity, he looks caught between two stools. Balls responded by calling Brand a "pound shop Ben Elton. Brand and director Michael Winterbottom worked together to produce a documentary, The Emperor's New Clothes , that had its international premiere on 24 April at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film features archival footage with appearances by Brand in London and New York City, examining the financial crisis of and global economic inequality. Following these interviews, three days before the election, Brand released the final episode of The Trews Politics Week entitled "Emergency: VOTE To Start Revolution" [] releasing additional material from his discussion with Ed Miliband and stating "I think we've got no choice but to take decisive action to end the danger of the Conservative party".

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He said: "Jeremy Corbyn would be a better kind of new Labour. The fear would be, can party politics ever impact the will of the people?

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He wrote: "Whether it's the Iraq War or badger-baiting , Corbyn has been allied with common sense and compassion in pretty much every Parliamentary argument. Regarding the election he said: "You know I never actually said 'don't vote? I said 'There's no point in voting when the main political parties are basically indistinguishable and the relationship between government, big business and factions of the media make it impossible for the democratic will of the people to be realised, which is a more nuanced point and plainly true. Anyway, that was then and this is now. The paparazzo was taking pictures of Brand with an iPhone when Brand wrestled the device from his hands and tossed it at a law firm's window.

The warrant cited "simple criminal damage to property", leading Brand, who offered to pay for the replacement of the window, to voluntarily appear at a police station. Brand was filming a movie in New Orleans at the time of the incident. In his acceptance speech, he mentioned sponsor Hugo Boss ' former business making uniforms for the Nazi regime. Brand said, "They [Nazis] did look fucking fantastic, let's face it" before he goose stepped across the stage in a comical imitation of the Nazi march.

Brand was eventually ejected from the event after GQ editor Dylan Jones confronted Brand with his view that the speech was "very offensive"—Brand replied by saying that the Nazis' treatment of the Jewish people was "very offensive". Now I'm aware that this [ GQ award speech] was really no big deal It was a daft joke by a daft comic at a daft event.

It makes me wonder, though, how the relationships and power dynamics I witnessed on this relatively inconsequential context are replicated on a more significant scale Ought we be concerned that our rights to protest are being continually eroded under the guise of enhancing our safety? When you take a breath and look away from the spectacle it's amazing how absurd it seems when you look back. He said that he was unaware of this, and had terminated his relationship with the manufacturer as a result.

Brand has been said to dress in a "flamboyant bohemian fashion" [] and has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and bipolar disorder. Brand has shown interest in the Hare Krishna Movement and wrote in a Guardian column: "I say Hare Krishna as often as possible, sometimes even when I'm not being filmed". I connect to a boundless consciousness that has no palpable relationship with my thoughts, fears or desires. Brand lives in Shoreditch , London. Brand met singer Katy Perry in mid when she filmed a cameo for his film Get Him to the Greek , although the cameo was cut from the film.

Days after his divorce was finalized, Brand told Howard Stern that he was extremely in love with Perry, but after marrying her realized "this isn't really working out I was really, really in love with her, but it was difficult to see each other From to , Brand was in a relationship with Jemima Khan , an editor of the New Statesman , and a daughter of financier James Goldsmith.

Brand said he would be donating the unspecified damages to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. In the October issue of Vanity Fair , Brand said of the allegations of misogyny made against him: "I have lived a life and had a frame of cultural references that make that charge quite legitimate In a way, redemption is a great part of my narrative.

Since , Brand has been in a relationship with Scottish blogger and former restaurateur Laura Gallacher, whom he had dated off and on since Gallacher is the sister of television presenter Kirsty Gallacher. The media published articles on Brand during his drug-using period, typically in relation to incidents, and his public profile has since been associated with this era. Drug-related issues led to Brand's arrest on 12 occasions.

Following the cessation of his use, Brand revealed through his stand-up performances that he introduced his drug dealer to Kylie Minogue during his time at MTV [] and masturbated a stranger in a public toilet for a television programme. Brand has abstained from drug use since 13 December Brand's sobriety was instigated by his agent, John Noel , after Brand was apprehended using heroin in a bathroom during a Christmas party. Brand cites his practice of transcendental meditation as a significant factor in his recovery from drug dependence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the sports equipment company, see Russell Brands.

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